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Moringa is a very hardy plant that can grow in very dry climates, though it will grow very tall and big. With proper care and watering they can grow up to 16 feet in a year. It is recommended however, to cut it back and keep it short and busy for ease of harvesting the leaves and pods.

The young pods (referred to as drumsticks) can be cooked like asparagus. Older green pods can be cooked much like okra, and the inner flesh scraped out and eaten. It is recommended to eat the leaves sparingly raw as they are very potent. They can accent a salad or be cooked like collards or other greens. The leaves can be dried and powdered and used in drinks or teas. Moringa has many ways that it can be consumed and enjoyed daily.

Caution: Moringa flowers can act as an abortifacient so do not use if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy.